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Key Science Projects



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The Key Science programs of the PS1 Science Consortium are organized as follows


1. Populations of Objects in the Inner Solar System

    Leaders: Robert Jedicke (IfA) and Richard Wainscoat (IfA)


2. Populations of objects in the Outer Solar Sytem

    Leader: Matthew Holman (CfA)


3. Low-Mass Stars, Brown Dwarfs, and Young Stellar Objects

     Leaders: Wolfgang Brandner (MPIA) and Eugene Magnier (IfA)


4. Search for Exoplanets by Dedicated Stellar Transit Surveys

     Leaders: Cristina Afonso (MPIA) and Thomas Henning (MPIA)


5. Structure of the Milky Way and the Local Group

     Leaders: Eric Bell (MPG) and Hans-Walter Rix (MPG)


6. A Dedicated Deep Survey of M31

     Leaders: Ralf Bender (MPE) and Stella Seitz (MPE)


7. Massive Stars and Supernova Progenitors

     Leaders: Stephen Smartt (QUB) and Rolf-Peter Kudritzki (IfA)


8. Cosmology Investigations with Variables and Explosive Transients

     Leaders: John Tonry (IfA), Chris Stubbs (Harvard), and Adam Riess (JHU)


9.  Galaxy Properties

     Leader: TIm Heckman (JHU)


10. Active Galactic Nuclei and High-Redshift Quasars

     Leaders: Ken Chambers (IfA) and Fabian Walter (MPG)


11. Cosmological Lensing

     Leaders: Nick Kaiser (IfA), Alan Heavens (Edinburgh), and Andy Taylor (Edinburgh)


12. Large-Scale Structure

      Leaders: Shaun Cole (UK), Stephi Phelps (MPG), and Ralf Bender (MPG)